On the 1st Anniversary of Your Death, Sir

On June 10, 2001,
   if you somehow missed it before,
     if you were somehow blind for the past eternity of shame
          and idiotic wordplay,
             not even amounting to the level of being macabre really,
                   if you were lucky enough, somehow,
                     not to have been a Syrian, or an Arab,
                         but just happened to find yourself in the general neighborhood,

  will dawn upon you,
     quite clearly and quickly, I have to say,
        the simple realization, that should have been
           your constant and faithful companion
                  along with that omnipresent guidebook of yours,
                      that götterdämmerung is quite a common and mundane event hereabouts,
                           and definitely not worthy of any Wagnerian talent.

None was admittedly present.

June 2001