An Ode to Kosovo...

among other things.

A genocide is taking place in Kosovo.
Arafat is busy gathering support for his potential state.
Netanyahu is engaged in blatant electioneering tactics.
And Dubai is holding its annual international shopping festival
(“the like of which no one has ever seen,” as some assert).

A genocide is taking place in Kosovo.
Nigeria is hosting a soccer championship
(the World Cup for under 21, to be specific).
Hillary Clinton,
       accompanied by her daughter,
                         is making a world tour
                                       promoting her political future.
And “Life is Beautiful,” and “Shakespeare in Love” are making Oscar history
(proving that the story is
still much more important than the budget,
a fact that gets often forgotten nowadays).

A  genocide   is taking place in Kosovo.
The Serbs see themselves as the victims thereof,
-the blood on their hands is their own, they insist-.
(Because in 1389, a Serb died valiantly in Kosovo,
today, a Serb kills shamelessly therein).
The Russians,
  seeking to reassert their presence in the international arena,
           voice their unswerving solidarity with their blood relatives.
And the Chinese are definitely not happy.
(while the Albanians,
who are not necessarily innocent themselves,
are only complicating matters with
their unnecessary public suffering).
And a certain Mrs. Savage, and a certain Jamie Shea
   are making quite a name for themselves
                                          in NATO briefings.
(Sex appeal and righteous indignation
are a rather dangerous combination)

A  g  e  n  o  c  i  d  e  is taking place in Kosovo.
My best friend is busy hating his new job,
      and helping his parents prepare for the Hajj.
My mother is dazzling the Syrians, as usual, with her latest TV series.
And I…
   well, I am rather busy myself these days,
        bemoaning my latest heartbreak, that is,
              in some hapless, and equally busy,
                                over a cup of wine.
                                                   Red wine.
(And in the back of my mind,
I am also wondering,
not whether there is a God or not,
this whole issue is rather irrelevant really,
but whether there is,
has ever been,
or could ever possibly be,

 April 14, 1999

Note: “Only a killer could achieve credibility by killing.” Whatever they mean, these are the words iterated by Slobodan Milosovich on April 14, 1999, in the a press conference that followed a meeting with the president of Belarus.